Improve your website's

page load speed

My site had issues with site speed, especially on mobile. I also was looking for help to improve core web vitals. I've had a big change in site speed and my core web vitals went from in the red on mobile to yellow/green and from yellow on desktop to green on desktop. It's already led to a slight uptick in sessions from google! I feel like JP and his team really took their time to optimize my site, it never felt rushed, and I am incredibly happy with the results.

My site had issues with extremely slow speed. As far as WPLobe's work is concerned they did it extremely fast, and well! Great communication, they answered immediately after I raised concerns, and were on top of the challenges that arose. I would recommend them for site speed optimization any day. :)

1 in 4 visitors  

will leave your website if it takes

more than 3 seconds to load

Users lose patience when a website takes more seconds to load. They go somewhere else! 
Google recommends keeping site speed below 2 -3 seconds!  A slow page speed means
 that search engines can crawl fewer pages which could negatively affect your indexation.

Also in May, Chrome team announced Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics related to
speed, responsiveness, etc  that give site owners a chance to measure 
their user's experience with their website. 

This means Google is taking user experience very seriously

Even a one-second difference in loading can have a huge impact on performance and increases bounce rates!

How We Work


Analyzing Your Website

We will first fully analyze your website to understand what is slowing it down. 


Optimize Website Speed 

After the analysis, we will start speed optimizing your website.


Receive Reports

After the speed optimization is complete, we will generate the reports so that you can see the speed improvements to your website.

Here's How We Improved Performance For

Some Clients


Improved Seo Rankings

When your site loads faster even Google likes it. Page speed is one of the ranking factor in Google's algorithm making it very important to accomplish.

Increase in Conversions

When your site loads faster your users get better experience and trust increasing the chances of conversions.

Decreased Bounce Rates

When the site loads slower users go somewhere else increasing the bounce rates. With faster loading sites bounce rates decrease drastically.

Improved User Experience

Today's user don't like to wait. If your site doesn't load under 3 seconds the user get a bad experience resulting in lost customers or sales.

Why Speed Optimizing Your Website Is Important?

wordpress performance tuning
wordpress performance optimization
wordpress performance tuning

One time. Flat Fee. Affordable Price.

Our Success Stories

The team goes above and beyond to ensure the client is happy with the end result. They don’t scare away from a challenge and work collaboratively as a team to produce exceptional results for very fair prices. The entire process is clear, transparent, and most importantly efficient. I’d highly recommend them and will definitely use them again for future projects.

Richard Lawson ... Director

JP is very professional, both in his working relationship and service provided. I am most impressed with his attitude where helping his client's success comes first.

Tam Ho ... Director - 7DC Interactive

I was thrilled not only with the final deliverable but the communication throughout with the team and the professionalism they had throughout all steps of the process. There were some delays on my end and I never felt rushed to turn over something that wasn’t complete; they went above and beyond guiding us and giving suggestions to make the site better and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I highly recommend his work.


What kind of support do you offer?

We have a great support system and currently offer it via email.

Will you be changing how my website looks or functions?

Nope. We work on speeding up your website. We don’t make any changes to its functionality. We optimize them so that they load faster.

What type of websites do you optimize?

If your website is self-hosted , uses Wordpress - yes we can optimize it. 

How do I send you my login credentials?

We will be communicating with you via email and you can share your credentials once you purchase the service. 

What if I have other questions?

We will be happy to answer all your questions via our support here.